Website hosting is a critical factor for site speed. A slow website creates a poor user experience for website visitors and actually has a negative impact on your website’s SEO and rankings within the search engines. We offer state-of-the-art dedicated servers that allow for greater flexibility, speed and uptime for our customers at a cheaper price.

2X faster load times – Turbocharge your website with a cloud hosting server!
Serve your website content with lightning-fast cloud hosting services which are backed by premium hardware, low-density servers, and multiple caching layers. Pre-integrated Nginx(US)/Varnish(IN) Caching to deliver the best performance for your website.

4X More Scalable
One-click upgrade of your website as your business grows The best choice for resource intensive applications. Traffic spikes? No problem. Ramp up your sales with zero service interruption!

Statistics Dashboard
View your website’s performance with ease.
Hit the ground running with simple yet powerful dashboard tools from one of the best cloud hosting providers! Get a quick view of usage trends, page speed, uptime, global reach, and lots more.
Optimal resource management compared to competition.

What will a website cost for you?